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  • Do we have Sister Clubs?
    Yes we do. Here’s a list of friends we have in New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand: Cambridge Golf Club, Cambridge (50% green fee charged) Westown Golf Club, New Plymouth. Avondale Golf Club, Christchurch. Waikanae Golf Club, Waikanae. Australia: Mount Gambia Golf Club, South Australia. Waverley Golf Club, Melbourne. Gawler Golf Club, South Australia. New Brighton Golf Club, Sydney. Burleigh Golf Club, Gold Coast (50% green fee charged) Reciprocal rights apply - members to contact General Manager before visiting. Reciprocal visiting rights are also extended to all members of affiliated Golf Clubs, as is customary and recognised
  • What if I have a doubt as to the procedure during competition?
    Any Disputes & Claims can be rectified as follows: Stroke Play – If a competitor is doubtful of their rights or the correct procedure they may without penalty complete the hole with two balls. They must announce his intention to do so and which ball he wishes to count if the rules permit. The competitor must report the facts to the committee before returning the card even if the score is the same with both balls. Match Play – If a doubt or dispute arises between players, a player may make a claim. If no duly authorised representative of the committee is available the players must continue without delay. A claim may only be considered by the committee if the player making the claim, notifies their opponent that: they are making a claim; the facts of the situation and that they want a ruling. The claim must be made before any player in the match plays from the next teeing ground or in the case of the last hole of the match, before all players in the match leave the putting green.
  • Who runs the Golf Club?
    We have several great people contributing to the day-to-day and overall running of the club behind the scenes. Here are just a few you may wish to contact GENERAL MANAGER Matthew Owen ph: 021 859 822 GOLF OPERATIONS & MARKETING MANAGER Daniele Lowe ph: 021 161 4384 ADMINISTRATION Mel Ion ph: (09) 410 7906 HEAD GREEN KEEPER Mat Cheer HEAD PROFESSIONAL Andy Ivermee 2023 BOARD OF MANAGEMENT PRESIDENT Liz Banton ph: 021 947 831 CLUB CAPTAIN Bill Jones ph: 027 473 0194 VICE CAPTAIN John Harvey ph: 021 087 45957 FINANCIAL DIRECTOR Geoff Binnie ph 027 539 6340 WOMEN’S DIRECTOR Charlotte Roberts ph: 021 121 9236 MEN’S & JUNIOR DIRECTOR John Kavanagh ph: 021 0811 2244 GOLF COMMITTEE John Harvey (Chairperson) - Charlotte Roberts – Karen Leigh - Carol Howard - Murray Durdle – Daniele Lowe - John Kavanagh - Andy Ivermee CLUB OFFICERS CLUB PATRON Owen Woolley ph 021 0831 9499 LIFE MEMBERS Dave Aickin - Barbara Algie - Len Bilton Arthur Irving - Sandie Jennins - Lydia Ko - John McLintock - Jack Renwick - Monica Renwick - Owen Woolley - Mark Jennins - John Kavanagh
  • What are the club by laws?
    You can download and view our by laws here...
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